Forest Conference

Effects of forest management and global change on boreal forests ecosystems

You are hereby invited to the meeting Effects of forest management and global change on boreal forests ecosystems, to be held at the Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum, Norway, 21-23 of November 2023.


Important topics at the conference will be how forestry, as well as other global change factors like climate change, influence biodiversity, ecological processes, ecosystem functioning and carbon sequestration in boreal forests.

The meeting is organized into two parts. The first two days of the meeting will be a regular international scientific meeting with 150-200 participants, including longer and shorter talks and poster sessions.

The third, as well as the last part of the second day, will be directed towards forest owners, forest industry and stakeholder organizations in Norway, and will include summary presentations on relevant topics, Q&A sessions, and discussions. The aim of the second part of the meeting will be to provide state-of-the-art knowledge to a broader audience about the effects of forestry, as well as climate change, on forest biodiversity, carbon sequestration and ecosystem processes. We will also focus on how we can obtain a common view on the knowledge across sectors.

While English will be used for the regular scientific meeting (to first days), Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish) will be used the third day.


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The meeting will be 21-23 November at Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum, which is a one-hour bus drive north of Oslo airport (see Trysil-ekspressen, Elverum can also be reached by train from Oslo (see

Two hotels are available for the meeting at Elverum, located at walking distance from the museum. Hotel rooms should be booked through the organizer, see below.  




Please use this scheme to register. It is possible to attend the entire meeting, only the two first days, or only the last 1.5 days ….